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Keep up with the most pressing, interesting, and important city stories of the day. Sign up for the CityLab Daily newsletter here.***What We’re FollowingHuddle for warmth: As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but on “Humans of HUD,” the photos say just one thing: self-sufficiency. HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s favorite watchword looms over the agency’s new Insta-friendly campaign, which lifts a page from the popular “Humans of New York” photoblog by pairing photos of people receiving housing aid with testimonials. But, CityLab’s Kriston Capps writes, there’s a disconnect between the feel-good idealism of the portraits and the direction the department has taken under the Trump administration. Some of the humans of “Humans of HUD.” (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)The people portrayed in Humans of HUD are assembled precisely because they’re getting help. But their uplifting stories are divorced from the wider context of Carson’s HUD, which has thrown up new barriers to aid for vulnerable families. Kriston spoke with an academic who studies portraiture to get at why this form of storytelling is especially good at labeling something as “human” when it’s really political. Today on CityLab: What’s Wrong With HUD’s New Feel-Good Photoblog?—Andrew SmallMore on CityLabWhere Voter Suppression Hits Hardest in Georgia In the swiftly diversifying Gwinnett County, the second largest county in Georgia, the best way to vote freely and fairly in the upcoming midterms is if you’re white.Brentin MockYes, 311 Nuisance Calls Are Climbing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods A new analysis by the Science vs. podcast team crunches the numbers on which New York City blocks are seeing spikes in calls complaining about other residents.Tanvi MisraThe Fight to Integrate New York City’s Specialized Schools Is Misguided It affirms a supremacist mentality. I thought we were done propping that up.K.A. DildayThe Neighborhoods Buried In Student Debt How much of your paycheck goes towards student loans?Claire TranWeirdly, Munich Is Now Germany’s Greenest City Politically, that is.Feargus O'SullivanWhat We’re ReadingHow a garden for the poor became a playground for the rich (New York Times)Chicago inside out: How Cook County quietly became a place for creative government (Places Journal)New opportunity zone tax-break rules offer flexibility to developers (Wall Street Journal)What does it mean for bike advocacy when big business hires advocates? (Streetsblog NYC)The subway belongs to us (Commune)Tell your friends about the CityLab Daily! Forward this newsletter to someone who loves cities and encourage them to subscribe. Send your own comments, feedback, and tips to