One Hundred More Proofs That LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill

In addition to the dozen proofs that LGBTQs are mentally ill that we have provided so far, there are one hundred additional proofs, one thousand AI proofs, and other proofs.  The one hundred proofs fall into five categories:

Alpha Proofs

Alpha proofs relate to chemistry and biochemistry.

Beta Proofs

Beta proofs relate to brain structure.

Gamma Proofs

Gamma proofs relate to social and sociological factors.

Delta Proofs

Delta proofs relate to neurological conditions and states.

Epsilon Proofs

Epsilon proofs relate to birth defects and other congenital matters.


AI proofs are proofs uncovered by our AI Supercomputer Collosus.


We will disclose and explain our other proofs at the appropriate time.